Come and camp with Midwest Woodcraft!

Have you ever wanted to camp in the WINTER? No, that doesn't make you crazy; at least not any crazier than us. Put on your long Johns, Dust off that heavy sleeping bag, and join Kevin from Midwest Woodcraft and his friends for some cold-weather fun at WINTERCAMP 2022!

This is not a class, but we do plan on showcasing a few techniques that may help you out should you ever land in a severe weather emergency. Grab your gear and meet us at the Forest City Public Park, It's gonna be a blast!

Camping fee $15

The site has access to outdoor restrooms and drinking water.

This event will not be canceled due to the weather.

We will have everything there for a big meal on Saturday night, we may ask for some help with preparation.


There will be experienced cold-weather campers in attendance, we are happy to help you get your setup dialed in if you aren't sure how to go about it.

We will have an emergency warming area on standby for any unforeseen incidents.

Fires will be allowed at your individual camps, we only ask that you be safe and responsible.

We are open to suggestions on any group sheltering ideas, activities, or anything that might make this campout fun for everyone. You can submit all questions or suggestions to kevin@midwestwoodcraft.net

407-301 County Rd 2800 E, Forest City, IL 61532



No alcohol at group camp please.