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A well rounded understanding and frequent practice of outdoor related skills greatly increases your chances of enduring and dominating your emergency. Midwest Woodcraft offers a variety of classes, clinics and events to help you build confidence in your skillset and ability to convert your dire emergency in to an inconvenient stay in the woods.



As many experienced outdoorsmen and women will tell you, the importance of these "5 to thrive" are interchangeable depending on your particular situation. It is our opinion at Midwest Woodcraft that this is true with one exception. Safety is without a doubt the #1 skill of importance as it comes to outdoor activity. All epic outings have one thing in common, everyone arrived home safely with all of their fingers intact. At Midwest Woodcraft we will epmphasize the importance of safety regardless of age or skill level.



Fire is not only arguably the most popular outdoor skill to practice, it is also of vital importance. From lighting your path and aiding with the making of tools and impliments to cooking your food and keeping you warm and dry; being well versed in firemaking will make that potentially difficult night much more bareable. 



Water is absolutely essential for the survival of all life on this great planet; however it is not always safe to consume in it's natural state. At Midwest Woodcraft you can learn to find, collect, and make that valuable resource safe to drink. 



Being exposed to the elements can be one of the most dangerous situations that you can find yourself in. The knowledge of creating even just a basic emergency shelter can make the difference between making it home or not.



if your emergency extends longer than a day or so, the ability to secure food sources off of the land becomes a big deal. At Midwest Woodcraft you can learn both active and passive means of food procurement.

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