Shimek Forest Gathering

Farmington, IA

May 22nd - 23rd 2021


Hey Folks! Kevin here..

I'd like to invite you to join some friends and I for a family-friendly outing at Shimek State Forest near Farmington IA on May 22nd and 23rd 2021. This event was planned last year but due to COVID restrictions it was not able to materialize; however, this is a different year and we are moving forward with the event. THIS IS NOT THE MIDWEST WOODCRAFT GATHERING this is a Gathering put together by some good friends and I am trying to help spread the word. Midwest woodcraft will be on hand, visiting and helping where we are needed. This is a skills-sharing event and there will be several demonstrations on a variety of different subjects including flint knapping, edible and medicinal plants, fire-making, and food procurement.  

We plan on keeping things loose, and plans are still in the works! Please email me at or join our Facebook group for more information.

Shimek Forest Gathering Facebook Group

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Let me teach you a skill today absolutely 100% FREE! Click on the link below to take our free mini-class "How to start a fire with an empty lighter"