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In the world of survival and bushcraft the phrase "If you aren't ALWAYS prepared you are NEVER prepared" is thrown around a lot for good reason. An emergency situation never bothers to reserve a convenient time to rear it's ugly head in your direction. Always be one step ahead by having a great way of making fire on hand at all times. Our Everyday Carry (E.D.C.) Ferro rods feature a 3.75" 550 paracord lanyard which contains approximately 3 feet of useable cordage connected by a sturdy split key ring. Fix it to your keychain, clip it to your pack or belt loop, the options are virtually endless! Don't be caught out in the cold... Get your E.D.C. Ferro rod Keychain today! 

This makes a great gift for the outdoors lover in your life
Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, canoe/kayaking, trapping, or for every day carry as an emergency fire starting device.

Ferro Rods measure 5/16" in diameter and 3" in length

E.D.C. Ferro Rod