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January/February 2023

Hello friends, I hope you are all doing well!

Things have been VERY busy here lately, and I am excited to share what has been going on and what we have coming up soon here at Midwest Woodcraft!


Fortunately, despite all of the fiscal uncertainty,2022 was a year of growth for us and we owe it to you all!

Thank you for your support.


 Our online stores exceeded our expectations and although these are still very humble numbers at this point, I am thrilled with the steady improvement in our products and the consistency of our service. This has all been a struggle with my disorganization skills, but I am learning how to run a business and as I gain experience it all gets easier to come up with and implement new processes in order to improve our quality, consistency, and shipping times. So for those of you who have experienced a delay in your shipments this past year, I appreciate your patience and your support. Going forward I am focused on consistency and organizational elements and am already seeing the great benefits of this.


Our Best Sellers of 2022

Thanks to our awesome customers we sold more gear than ever in 2022. We hope to top off even more kits in the future!


Midwest Woodcraft finished out the year strong with classes and events. It's always great to get out and meet new faces and catch up with old friends. 2023 looks to hold some great opportunities as well!

2022 Midwest Woodcraft Gathering

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In Late October, We had the honor of hosting the annual MWWC Gathering. It was an amazing event, with an excellent lineup including Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School, Larry Roberts from Alone seasons 2 and 5 and many others! We are currently planning the 2023 gathering and you can get your tickets here.

2022 Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering


In early November I had the opportunity to travel to Georgia Bushcraft for their annual gathering where I did a demonstration on burning a container and stone boiling. The massive event had over 800 attendees and was an amazing time. It was wonderful to finally meet so many folks that I'd known online for years in person. I look forward to going back this year, I hope to see you there! You can get more information on Georgia Bushcraft at the link below.

Firecraft Class


Late November found us back in Illinois for Firecraft class. I had an awesome group of students, and it was a wonderful day for survivalin' The highlight was the lighting of our signal fires. Our first FIRECRAFT class of the year has been extended to a 2-day class and will be March 24th-25th in Forest City Illinois.

Gear Spotlight

Silky Pocketboy Outback Edition


The best folding saw for Bushcraft?

For years I have carried a Bahco Laplander folding saw in my bag. and it has always served me well. I never expected too much from it, and it was always a trusted and reliable part of my bushcraft kit. Recently, my wife gave me a Silky saw as a gift (Total Keeper), and I was instantly impressed! While I still prefer the Laplander for crafting purposes such as trap building, notching, and finer tasks, I quickly realized the benefit of the faster cutting Silky as an option for your emergency kit where firewood prep is going to be more likely. The Silky will definitely give you more output for the calories you put in which is absolutely crucial in a true survival situation.  Unfortunately, someone walked off with the saw that my wife got me, but I promptly replaced it with the Pocketboy Outback Edition. So far, this thing has been fantastic. It is made to cut through plastic, wood, and bone and as far as I can tell, it does a great job of all of the above. The Laplander will still have a place in my heart and in my kit, but this bad boy will be going hiking and camping with me from now on. I'll toss a few links to a few popular saws directly below so you can compare them for yourself. I will be doing a full comparison on Midwest Woodcraft on YouTube soon. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you in the woods real soon!



Coming up..

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