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Utilizing Fire

The uses for fire are nearly endless, aside from being the focal point of social activity for millennia, it provides the power for our homes and our cars. you would not be reading this right now if not for fire. It lights our paths, warms our shelters, and makes our food and water safe to consume. Fire can also aid you when creating tools and implements to affect your survival in the wilderness, help you improve your hygiene, and assist you in being found should you get lost. 

Making fire

Before we can use fire to make cool stuff we must first make fire. At FIRECRAFT you will learn to create fire in various different ways. Different conditions call for different methods and it is our job to be sure you are ready to start a blaze whenever and wherever that time comes. We will be focused on lighting emergency fires in bad conditions but do not be surprised if find yourself starting a fire with a bow drill, flint, and steel, by mixing chemicals, or even with a little help from the sun!

What is Firecraft?

The answer to this question would likely vary quite a bit depending on whom you asked. At Midwest Woodcraft FIRECRAFT is basically making OR using fire in any way possible to improve your current situation. Sure, lighting that all-important campfire definitely counts, but using that very same campfire to create items, light your path, cook your food, warm yourself, and to signal for help is the true essence of FIRECRAFT. In this class, we will cover in great detail not only how to create fire in various ways, but we will also show you how fire can be utilized to make the best out of a bad situation. 


Our Goal

Let's face it, if you find yourself in an emergency, there is a good chance that it was induced by changing weather conditions. Weather can change for the worse on a dime, hurtling your routine hike, hunt, or canoe trip into a dire situation almost instantly. It is our goal in FIRECRAFT to be sure that you will leave with the ability to create that potentially life-saving fire REGARDLESS of the conditions handed to you. Giving you the confidence to perform this skill under stress, when it matters most. 


Gear List

-Appropriate Sleeping gear for weather conditions

-Appropriate Clothing and footwear for vigorous outdoor activities and expected weather conditions.

-Cooking gear including frying pan and cookpot/single wall water bottle


-Your favorite camping/bushcraft gear

-Full tang knife

-Hatchet or camp axe

-Saw (Folding saw or bow/bucksaw)

-Fire kit including ferro rod, bic lighter, magnifying lense, flint and steel

-50-100 ft. of cordage (bankline/paracord)

-Food, snacks, personal medications, extra clothing

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