The Midwest Woodcraft Gathering is always packed full of fun activities for all ages, interests, and skill levels; and this year is no exception. Be sure to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to train with some of the best instructors in the country!

Bow Drill Workshop - Kevin Johnson (Midwest Woodcraft)

Bow Drill Workshop.jpg

Have you ever wanted to make fire by rubbing two sticks together? Have you tried to make friction fire without any luck? Have you successfully made a bow-drill fire, but want more consistent results? Be sure to join Kevin Johnson from Midwest Woodcraft for a FREE bow drill workshop at the 2022 Midwest Woodcraft Gathering! 

Kevin has the experience of making hundreds of bow and drill fires and teaching many others this exciting skill over the last decade and a half, You do not want to miss this chance to master what is arguably the most sought-after skill in the area of fire making.


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