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Classes & Events

Here is a list of classes and clinics that we offer here at Midwest Woodcraft. The majority of our classes are held in central Illinois but occasionally we will travel to different locations around the midwest to host or assist with events. Be sure to check in often, classes are always being updated and improved and new classes will be added as we move forward. Custom classes can be arranged, inquire at 


Beginners Bushcraft

Difficulty- Low

Would you like to learn to survive an outdoor emergency using only limited gear and landscape around you? Well, this is the class for you! we will tackle these projects and many more in this laid back, family friendly basic skills adventure.. Will you survive our pre- set survival situation? Only one way to find out!! Come join us for a weekend of fun!


Midwest Woodcraft's "Firecraft" clinic is a 1.5 day supplemental covering fire making in great detail. If have ever wanted to make fire with a magnifying glass, by rubbing two sticks together, with damp or wet materials, or if you just want to learn how to make fire effectively, confidently, and consistantly in a fun and laid back atmosphere this is the class for you! 


Food Procurement

Difficulty- Low

Midwest Woodcraft's basic food procurement is an overnight event designed to give you an edge should your 48-72 hour emergency situation be extended on beyond that point and caloric intake becomes more necessary for clear thinking, and maintaining the energy level needed to affect self rescue or to wait for rescue more comfortably. We will be discussing both active and passive means of food collection, and topics will include traps, improvised hunting tools,and edible plants


Basic Survival

Our "basic" Class is a must have for anyone planning to spend time in the outdoors. Ideal for hunters, hikers, fishermen and adventure seekers of all types. In this two day overnight class you will learn the ropes in the key subjects of SAFETY, WATER,FIRE, SHELTER, AND FOOD using the minimal gear in your kit. Make no mistake "Basic" does not mean easy; you will have a great time but will be tested.
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