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About MWWC

Information about our organization and our instructors

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Kevin Johnson

Owner/Lead Instructor

Kevin is the owner and chief instructor at Midwest Woodcraft, ambassador for L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives, and a certified instructor at Campcraft Outdoors.

Roaming the Illinois river valley with fascination since he was a child, he has spent the last decade immersed in the fascinating world of Bushcraft/Woodcraft and survival; He began teaching outdoor-related topics and skills in 2011, and is a 2019 graduate of the Outdoor leadership and wilderness skills program at Bethlehem Outdoor College. These days Kevin stays busy working in his woodshop, running his own classes in Central Illinois, and teaching at Campcraft Outdoors every opportunity he gets.


Johnny is a highly skilled outdoorsman and survivalist, having trained at Campcraft outdoors and Sigma 3 Survival School he has stood out while training among some of the best in the nation.  He is a huge asset to Midwest Woodcraft, and we are happy to have him aboard.

Johnny Gwin



Joe Willson

Camp Chef/Instructor

I'm Joe and I've been camping and cooking since I was a Boy Scout 37 years ago, making bologna sandwiches and spaghetti at Scout Camp.  I was lucky enough to have a GREAT Scoutmaster that truly believed in Scouting and did everything he could to make it fun.  Since then I have been on many more campouts where we have shared lots of stories and some of the best food anyone has ever eaten.  It's amazing how a little fresh air and a camp fire can enhance the flavor of a meal (and a story :-] ). 

I now have a Facebook group called Midwest Cookcraft, where we archive and share member's favorite recipes, help members with meal ideas for their outings and discuss cooking methods and equipment.  I have learned a lot running this group and have tried many new things, like dehydrating and Dutch oven cooking.  On two different gatherings now we have even roasted a whole hog.  Come on out and join us at a class, I'll be the one slaving over the campfire, and keeping Kevin on his toes!

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